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7 - Dark Side Chastity

($) All locked up; no place to touch!


An excellent overview of this file, how it works, & some general hypnosis ideas:


2/7/2013 - new file version. There is now a suggestion at the beginning for your keyholder, whoever that is, to have the power & ability to put the belt on or off you.

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Have you dreamed of the delicious frustration of wearing a chastity belt? Have you longed for a keyholder of your own? Practicing sexual abstinence with hypnosis allows you to fully focus your attentions on your mental keyholder. Chastity is designed to prevent you from taking advantage of yourself in a sexual way, until the command is given for the belt to be removed.


This audio takes advantage of the instant sleep trigger in Deep Deep Trance.

The best way to make this successful for you is:

1- Listen to Lazy Summer Day then

2- Would You Like A SIP?


until you know how well you respond to my voice and hypnosis,  (Alternately, listen to Cocktail1, a direct download on the Begin Here page until you know that works for you.)

3- Then move onto Deep Deep

4- then to Chastity. Total cost for this amazing chastity? Less than $50!


This Chasity belt audio is highly effective, and it gets stronger the more it's used.

For males, with this on, it's possible to be used as a toy, while still completely unable to orgasm unless given permission to remove the belt. Pleasure Overload is a nice compliment to add to

your frustration and your partner's pleasure and control.


There are a lot of modifications possible with this program; feel free to schedule a Skype session to give your keyholder more options, or send me an email.



True chastity

If you truly wish for chastity. If you truly want your wife, girlfriend or Lee to take charge of your orgasms. Give this mp3 a try.
It has been 2 months since I listened to this file and I have not had a orgasm without my wife's permission since. It is a truly powerful file.
Remember, if chastity is what you want, and you wish with all your heart to give this gift of obedience to someone. Give this file a try.
You will be surprised, as I was of the effectiveness.
For me, this is " be careful what you wish for "
The best part is my wife loves everything about my situation.
Thanks again Lee


Believe it now -- or believe it later

But you WILL believe it... At least I do now.

This is an utterly amazing, powerful file. Dark Side Chastity has left me puzzling for close to two weeks now. Puzzling about, first, what exactly Ms. Lee said and did to me in the deep and relaxing trance that she induces so effortlessly with this file - -whatever it was, I find myself listening over and over to get more of it... and puzzling about, second, how Ms. Lee has used her words to take control over what she promised to control-- namely, my sexual behavior, my orgasm. She's got them, completely. I am physically unable to do it now without her command and permission. Don't believe it? Give it a go. You'll see.



I used to have a chastity fetish. Not anymore... This mp3 (and the prerequisites for it) have changed quite a lot in my life. First of all, Miss Lee is really pleasant and comforting to listen to. Completely different from most hypno-Domes, she sounds honest and sincere and natural. The effect of repeated listening to this session is that I lost interest in masturbation, focusing all attention on my wife again (with Miss Lee's permission and encouragement). No more porn and compulsive masturbation. Thank you so much.

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Moth to a flame

I only started engaing in erotic hypnosis a little while ago and I've quickly discovered that I'm one of the lucky(?) ones who takes to it easily. After being stunned at how utterly stuck I became under the SIP (stop in place) trigger of the introductory clips I realized that this chastity clip was going to be inevitable. I knew I'd have to at least try it and I had a feeling in the pit of my stomach that it might actually work.

I've been using devices for years with only partial success. Poor fit, low security and high discomfort are just some of the issues that plague us chastity fans. I do enjoy the feeling of a cool steel cage encompassing me but all the other issues made it really hard to attain that for very long.

I recently went through this clip for the first time and was yet again surprised at how well it worked on me. (Man, this hypno stuff just keeps doing that!) As I'm writing this I scarcely remember what was said in the clip but I know it's been blissfully frustrating to try to touch myself and be thwarted EVERY SINGLE TIME.

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I can't cum until Lee Allure tells me.

Lee Allure controls my orgasm and pleasure.

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Amazingly Effective

I've had a few chastity devices, and although my partner indulged me with them you could tell it wasn't quite her thing. I don't really blame her either. It's a hassle for her (having to concern about its fit, pinching, regular cleanliness, emergency keys) and a lot to ask for someone getting nothing out of it. Then I asked her if she wanted to give this a try, and she agreed. (actually, I gave her a bunch of choices hypnosis trigger recordings and she picked this one.) Our usual pattern is that she picks one, I listen to it for a while and when I think the suggestion has sunk in enough I tell her what the trigger is. For Dark Side Chastity the suggestions have you set to leave hypnosis locked, and it was more effective the first time than any other hypnosis audio file I've used. Instead of giving her a hypnosis trigger that she could play with when she wanted, by the time I told her, the game had begun. My partner has taken to being a virtual keyholder in a way that she never had for physical chastity devices. She'll lock and unlock on a whim; unlock when it isn't a useful time for me only to lock it again. She'll tease about locking when I'm unlocked, and tease about unlocking when I'm locked. With Dark Side Chasity, we've both found something to enjoy.

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Deeper than ever

It's now two months since I last climaxed. In that time, my sexual appetite has surpassed anything I have ever experienced before, and yet I still obey Lee. The power of her words and the pure beauty of her voice has captured and shaped me. Each time I listen I fall ever deeper under her influence and so I understand that Lee could extend my time in chastity to as long as she wishes and I have no choice in that.

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Real results

Years of chronic masturbating ended two weeks ago when I listened to Dark Side Chastity. Since then I have not touched myself; even though I am not wearing any device. That isn't to say I haven't been tempted, especially as I do not know when Lee will grant me a release. But once you have experienced the power of this recording, it's impossible not to obey Lee.

  • 4 out of 4 people found this review useful.

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7 - Dark Side Chastity

7 - Dark Side Chastity

($) All locked up; no place to touch!


An excellent overview of this file, how it works, & some general hypnosis ideas:


2/7/2013 - new file version. There is now a suggestion at the beginning for your keyholder, whoever that is, to have the power & ability to put the belt on or off you.

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