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Online Skype Hypnosis Session

Live video hypnosis sessions weekdays.

Create an account and check the schedule at after you've purchased your session. Sessions are self-scheduled.

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I currently do sessions with English speaking people around the world. If we are in very different time zones,  and there is a time you'd like a session for, email and ask if that time can be opened up on the schedule.

If you to schedule a session on holidays, weekends and/or very early/late my time, (<9am EST, >8pm EST) be aware that the charge is $100/30 minutes if I am available, so 2 blocks of time must be purchased.

Sessions must be scheduled 2 hours in advance. If you're looking for a shorter-notice session, check to see if I'm available on NiteFlirt (see the "Call Now" button in the left side bar)

During these sessions, we may explore you going very deeply into Hypnosis, understanding how you react to my voice, my words, my suggestions and triggers. Many themes and ideas can be explored, as long as you understand that I am a dominant female hypnotist, with a bent towards making people happier, better, content.

Follow the below guidelines when you create an account/sign up for a time slot.

All times are in -5GMT, or EST. I live in New Hampshire, USA.

Make sure that you are selecting the proper time.

This is a highly personal activity for me - that means I will do my best to be in good voice and in the proper mood/ physical health  for doing trance work.
Sometimes, hypnosis takes more out of me than I expect. If that happens, you are welcome to reschedule.

While you are welcome to bring suggestions for a hypnosis session, please
understand that things which hold no interest for me are unlikely to happen.
You may want to familiarize yourself with my type of hypnosis before adding
yourself to the schedule.

Sessions available on are charged at $50/30 minutes, & must be paid for by credit card before scheduling the session. ($100/30 minutes on weekends, holidays, before 9 am and after 8pm Eastern)

Your real first name is required for a session. If you cannot provide that, do not sign up.

Each session is 30 minutes long. Voice, health and imagination providing, you are welcome to book two sessions back to back.

You must show up for your time slot within 5 minutes, or I will consider your payment a donation.

Up to four appointments per person may be scheduled at a time.

I generally record the audio of my side of the conversation. I may, at my discretion, use an edited version of this for posting on my website.
You may download the edited version when it is available. If you are not ok
with this arrangement, please do not schedule a session.

Skype, your web camera and microphone are required, and should be working
and tested before your time. It's like coming to work clothed, make sure you do it.

My Skype name will be emailed to you 1 hours before the session begins, with your session reminder. At the appointed time, simply video call me on Skype, and we will begin the session.



You must experience this once

I have listened to hundreds of hours of hypnosis recordings and they simply don't compare to participating in a live session with an unbelievably talented hypnotist. I had always had trouble reaching deep trances but after one session Ms Lee recognized my problem and provided the remedy. I am now able to realize my goal of going very deep into trance every single time. This success was way beyond my wildest expectations. I highly recommend this experience to anybody remotely interested in hypnosis.


Skype: Live Video POPC

Skype sessions are 30 minutes of real-time, interactive submission to Lee's control, control that penetrates to the core of your being. After four wonderful years of these sessions, the best description is that they are a concentrated dose of her POPC audios. Lee tailors each of the four POPC aspects to her objective in the session, and she always achieves her objective. The variety of what can be experienced in a session is a powerful testament to Lee's imagination and skill. I look forward to the pleasure of another year of being obedient, programmed, and controlled.


Newbie and hooked

So, compared to the other reviewers, I am a fresh-faced newbie -- having connected with Ms. Lee on Skype only a handful of times over recent months. That means it's still early days for me! Even at this stage, though, I'm totally, blissfully enmeshed in Lee's voice and her words. The physical after-effects alone from a session with Ms. Lee are utterly amazing. The deeper, more substantial effects are even more amazing -- and stunningly, surprisingly helpful. I came to Ms. Lee for the potential that erotic hypnosis has for fun and amusement. Believe me, there is that! LOTS of that. But what has thrilled me even more is what I did not know I was looking for -- deep control, and a centering, relaxing experience that now permeates all that I do -- and that improves and stabilizes me through all my work and life. This, from a reviewer who didn't know he needed that!


Say Yes To Lee

Now in my fourth year of Skype sessions and of saying yes to Lee. When you say yes to Lee, she will take you on a wonderful, ever forward journey to being the best person possible. There is no better guide than Lee: she takes control, integrates your mind and body into an erotically charged whole, and gives you the route on which to discover new & blissful ways to live your life. I am forever grateful that four years ago I said yes to Lee.



If you ever get a chance to schedule a live session with Miss Lee, do so. She will take you deep and leave you feeling absolutely fantastic and wanting more of her control. :)


Nobody else can possibly compare

Miss Lee is a true Goddess. She commands my attention with her eyes and her gorgeous smile. Seeing her and speaking to her live was so amazing. She was so generous and powerful and it felt so good to be near her. Well, as near to her as I can be right now. A wonderful session and definitely the first of many.


Skype sessions with a muse and erotic angel.

Lee Allure invariably intuits what I desire and need, and gives that back to me and more. I leave every session with her feeling understood and captivated. What really separates Lee Allure from many other good counselors and mentors is how she well understands and effectively uses trance and conditioning to effect positive changes in me that are not just ephemeral, but last and grow over time.


A Wonderful Anniversary

This month begins my third year of Skype sessions with Lee. The live sessions are a wonderful complement to the audios as they allow her talent and creativity a new outlet---some of my best trances have been Lee improvising off of something I said in conversation before she triggered me. Plus you get to gaze into her beautiful, commanding eyes and hear her sexy laugh as you sink even deeper under her control.


Blissful relaxation.

Having an online Skype session is perhaps one of the bigger steps you can make here. That's what I felt, the files were great but I wanted more of Lee so I decided to book a session. That was one of the better ideas I've had in awhile. There's something special with speaking to Her and showing Her just how easily I can fall into a trance. Hearing her speak to me, a personal connection just made it that much better. I feel so good coming out of our session I just want to book another. I adore her work just that much. Again, if you're unsure about whether or not you want to trance with her on Skype, give it a shot. You really will not regret it at all.

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Online Skype Hypnosis Session

Online Skype Hypnosis Session

Live video hypnosis sessions weekdays.

Create an account and check the schedule at after you've purchased your session. Sessions are self-scheduled.

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